Self-Help and Support Groups

Clinicians at the Stuttering Center work closely with self-help and support groups to help clients achieve their greatest possible success, both in and out of therapy. Organizations such as the National Stuttering Association and others listed below can help people who stutter and their families meet others who have shared similar experiences. Support groups can also educate people about stuttering through reading materials, DVDs, posters, etc.

National Stuttering Association (NSA)

119 W. 40th Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY  10018
Phone: (800) We Stutter (937-8888)
Email: - Website:

Friends, The National Association for Young People Who Stutter

Lee Caggiano, MS, CCC-SLP
145 Hayrick Lane, Commack, NY 11725-1520
Phone: 631-499-7504
E-mail: - Website:

Stuttering Foundation of America (SFA)

3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603, P.O. Box 11749, Memphis, TN 38111-0749
Phone: (800) 992-9392, Fax: (901) 452-3931
Email: - Website:

Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA)

PO Box 444  Succ. N.D.G., Montreal QC,  H4A 3P8
Phone: 1-888-STUTTER (1-888-788-8837)
Email: - Website:

International Stuttering Association (ISA)

Peter enoitlaan 44 , B-9050 Gentbrugge , BELGIUM
Email: - Website:

An extensive list of self-help/support groups is available at the Stuttering Home Page: