Stuttering Center Publications

Clinicians and researchers at the Stuttering Center are actively involved in writing and publishing information about the diagnosis and treatment of stuttering. Following is a list of recent clinically-oriented books and booklets authored by Stuttering Center staff -- follow the links to learn more.

(bullying manual cover)School-Age Stuttering Therapy:
A Practical Guide

By Nina A. Reardon-Reeves & J. Scott Yaruss, PhD
Published by Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc.

School-Age Stuttering Therapy: A Practical Guide provides
real-world evaluation and treatment suggestions for clinicians working with school-age children who stutter.
With numerous charts, worksheets, and questionnaires,
this book gives clinicians  everything they need to help school-age children overcome the burden of stuttering.
(A CE course based partly on this book is available online at

Minimizing (bullying manual cover)Bullying for Children Who Stutter:
A Practical Guide for SLPs

By J. Scott Yaruss, PhD, William Murphy, Robert Quesal, PhD,
& Nina A. Reardon-Reeves. Published by Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc.

Bullying is a particularly troubling experience for children who stutter. This comprehensive treatment approach presents solutions that clinicians can incorporate into their existing treatment for school-age children who stutter. Designed in conjunction with workbooks specifically for children, parents, and teachers/administrators.

(oases cover)Overall Assessment of the Speaker's
Experience of Stuttering - Adult (OASES-A)

by J. Scott Yaruss, PhD & Robert W. Quesal, PhD.
Published in English and Spanish by Pearson Assessments.

The OASES provide comprehensive assessment of the overall impact of the stuttering disorder from the perspective of the person who stutters. Designed for adults, ages 18 and up. ** Now available for school-age children (age 7-12; Yaruss, Coleman, & Quesal, 2010) and teens (ages 13-17; Yaruss, Quesal, & Coleman, 2010).

(preschool booklet cover)Young Children Who Stutter (Ages 2-6): Information and Support for Parents

By J. Scott Yaruss, PhD & Nina Reardon-Reeves.
Published in English and Spanish by the National Stuttering Association (NSA).

When a young child stutter, it can be frightening experience for parents and children alike. This booklet provides parents with the information they need to make informed decisions about evaluation and treatment for their child's speech.
(A CE program based on this booklet, written specifically for SLPs, is available for ASHA-approved CEUs through!)