Contact the Stuttering Center

The clinicians and researchers at the Stuttering Center of Western Pennsylvania are available to answer your questions and help you face the challenges of stuttering.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, whether you are seeking an evaluation of treatment of stuttering for a child, an adolescent or an adult -- or if you just have general questions about stuttering, stuttering treatment, or stuttering research.

Contact Information

There are several ways to contact the Stuttering Center of Western Pennsylvania, depending upon what type of information you are seeking.

To schedule an evaluation for a child who stutters:

For general information about stuttering or for evaluation or treatment for adults who stutter, contact Dr. J. Scott Yaruss, Director of the Stuttering Center.

Seminars and Training Workshops

The Director of the Stuttering Center, Dr. J. Scott Yaruss, provides seminars, workshops, and consultation services to help speech-language pathologists enhance their knowledge about stuttering and stuttering treatment.